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Based on 242 reviews
Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 56 yrs
Great product

The product arrived cold because of the weather and you could see that the bottle was full of testosterone crystals throughout the entire bottle. So I warmed it up and the crystals all dissolved into the oil. Seeing it (Crystals) told me that this was a great product. I gained 6 lb in 2 weeks which also told me that the product was good. I am now into my 5th week and feel an look great. I am losing fat and gaining muscle on a relative low dose of 225 per week. This was my first order at prestige pharma and I will be ordering again very soon. So far I am extremely happy with the product and the fast delivery.

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 33

Its reliable

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 29

5 starts

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 32
Can't wait to start this bad boy!

Was surprised to see Genx-tropin on prestige pharma's store. Purchased 2 immediately as soon as I seen it, have only ever heard good feedback on this stuff. Arrived in less than a week, I'm eager to start and see results. Thank you guys I ain't going to shop anywhere else.

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 28
Great company. Great service.

Order arrived quickly even through the holiday season. Product is doing exactly what I wanted. Growing steadily in size, strength, and endurance. Will be ordering from here again.

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: X


Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 41
This stuff really works!

Top notch!

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 36

This is the best website ever, sometimes I feel like the reviews are fake. But I'm writing to inform everyone they are very much real. I made an order earlier this month for tadapox which is great, (might I add give you that extra edge in the bedroom for real no lie) but when I got my shipment I choose to get it discreet. So when I got it, it was 3 pills short I talked to an online customer support person and they end up sending me out more then what i was missing, correcting the mistake that was made.

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 31
Works great; sometimes a problem with ordering

This was the first thing I ever ordered from PP. COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER. These people are absolute pros man. And no I’m not a bot lol. Legit person here that rolled the dice and made the order on 1 vial of test e to see what it was about. The product and the ordering and shipping process went perfect. Have attempted one order since then that I had to cancel due to payment instructions being wrong, but I didn’t lose any Money of anything, this company is definiwirrj a try and aside from a few hiccups (which can happen with any company) these guys are the
Best in the biz. I’m so happy last night I just placed a 200 dollar order Of various products on which I’m awaiting payment instructions now. Try them. THANK ME LATER

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 36
Sleep better plus control the rage!

Ok guys, if you’re on a significant amount of testosterone like myself and have trouble keeping your cool and not turning into the Hulk, this product is for you. If you have trouble sleeping, take half of one of these and sleep like a baby! One of my favorite products from prestige.

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 36
She thought I was superman

Wow, this stuff is incredible! I’ve ordered this a couple times now and every time I’ve used it, I’ve felt like the energizer bunny... I kept going and going. My wife was extremely happy, not to mention, exhausted. Another great product from Prestige Pharma, and I will be ordering more. Merry Christmas everyone!

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 37
Excellent product

Works well, ships fast and excellent communication from the Prestige Team. I’ve made multiple orders this year and haven’t had an issue with any of them. I shop here for all my gear, live in America and there’s never been a problem. I’ve tried a couple other company’s, and most just want to rip you off. I trust these guys 100% because I have many transactions to prove their honesty and reputation.

*Before using their gear, I was a 310 lb obese man 37 years old and no luck with the ladies. Now, I don’t have enough time to reply to them all lol Prestige literally helped me transform my body into a machine! Granted, I worked my ass off, but their products ARE LEGIT!

Would you recommend this product?: Yes
Age: 37
Perfect bundle

This was perfect for my pct. You guys are the best.

Excellent price for HGH

This stuff really works!! To notice beneficial changes, you need to give it a month of consistent, scheduled use (at the appropriate dosage). After a month, I noticed more energy, better sleep and many other great benefits. So pleased with the results, I ordered 3 more!! I challenge you to shop around, but I’m telling you: Prestige Pharma has the most competitive pricing for this product. Each new month yields exceptional results, including muscle repair 300-400% faster than usual!! I train harder and heal faster. When combined with a cycle, you can’t beat the results and health benefits. This is probably my favorite product from this company. Thanks again Prestige!

I’m now a Tren Monster!

This stuff WORKS! I’m doing a 12 week tren cycle with a test base and holy sh*t guys, wow I’m definitely seeing massive gains in my biceps and shoulders! My girl is really happy with my results too, so I’m now a constant/weekly Prestige Pharma shopper lol. The only downside is: my daughter’s future college tuition money is dwindling, but at least her dad can beat up the other dads, and look awesome doing it. 💪😎

Seriously, these guys have never let me down. I only shop with them because of the fast shipping, easy payment options and secure packaging. This product is a monster maker!
*Keep in mind when you see the pics, I’m totally new to body building. The muscles in my arms are results of the transformation I’ve recently gone through. My arms and shoulders definitely didn’t look like that before Tren 💪😎

Another Great Product from Prestige

I’ve been a repeat customer, never had a single issue with these guys! This test got my Libido going, strength gains incredible and an over all feeling of being the hulk!!! I recommend it to anyone who may be interested in developing lean muscle mass.

Great anti-estrogen blocker and love doing business with Prestige Pharma!

So important to have estrogen blockers when taking tren with test. This really does the job and doing business with Prestige Pharma is a pleasure! Their products are good, and their response is always there when I may have a question. Shipping is never a problem.

HCG (#5)
Works as it should

I was getting this from Florida for a while at a much higher cost. Taking test and tren, this was vital to use at least once a week to keep my levels balanced. It works as it should for half the price of other pharmaceutical companies.

Great product

I have been taking this with tren and test, great results so far. My vascularity has increased immensely over the past 8 weeks.

Great option!

If you’re like me, and you feel awkward buying syringes at the pharmacy, this is an excellent option for you! Fast shipping and super discreet packaging. Prestige Pharma has literally never failed me. I’m a return customer and have experienced nothing but professional and attentive service. Huge thumbs up!!

So glad I found Prestige Pharma!

*Prestige Pharma hits every benchmark and I’m here to let you know, (if you’re reading this), you can relax and trust that you will get your money’s worth, and then some!

* Customer service? Excellent! Shipping speed and packaged with your privacy in mind? Excellent! Products that are true to what they label them as? You bet! I started with a small order, and now I’m ordering just about every other week. They make it very easy to pay (I use the app) and give you options to pay that suits whatever your comfortable with. I’m from the US, so you can imagine my shock when the order I put in only six days prior, had landed on my door step.

*Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this company. I’m planning on only dealing with them, moving forward. I think I’ve thanked my buddy, for telling me about Prestige, like 20 times already, lol.

*Onto the product: Winstrol
It definitely made my muscles harder and overall, I felt stronger. I did a two week trial and figured I’d get better results once I’ve gotten myself back down to 6% body fat. I’m going to be using it in my cutting cycle since I’ve got too much body fat right now to use it productively. I’ve tried their Hgh and it’s a miracle shot, and works wonders!
Take it from me, you can’t go wrong with Prestige Pharma. I hope they are in business for a long time!

*Lastly, the best part of this entire experience, happened the other day. I had my back to my wife in bed. We were just waking up and she says, “oh my God mike! Your back and shoulders are huge! I didn’t know who I woke up next to, at first “...
That was only after 3 weeks! (I told her I eat lots of broccoli and chicken breast and I was glad my hard work was finally paying off) lol.
*That reaction made my day! Wifey’s definitely happy with the results. So, thank you, Prestige Pharma! I’ll be putting another order in very soon 😎✌️

Hard ons

gets me hard, but after the first bust it wont keep me hard...

100% Amazing company/products

Hands down the best anywhere, freaky fast and highest quality. Will not go anywhere else. Thanx-D

First time customer

First time vying steroids. Very pleased with the results..

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